Covered by more than one plan?

UC SHIP coordinates your benefits so you get the most out of your coverage.

The self-funded student health benefit plan offered by the University of California

Plan Info at Your Fingertips

The Sydney Health app has replaced the Student Health app for easy access to everything you need to know about your medical, pharmacy, dental and vision coverage.

See How UC Ship Works

From where to go for care to what you’ll pay for care off-campus, this quick video tells you what you need to know about using UC SHIP.


Terms to Know

Because benefits come with a vocabulary of their own.

Waiving Coverage

Can you? Should you? Learn when and you can decline UC SHIP coverage.

Your First Stop for Care

Learn why you need to start at SHCS before you go elsewhere for care.

Filing a Claim

Here’s what you need to know about getting reimbursed for care you receive out of network.

Mobile Apps

UC SHIP and your providers are just a tap away when you download these mobile apps.

How to Get Involved

Want to help steer UC SHIP? Here’s how to join the crew.