When You’re Away from Campus

What You Need to Know

With UC SHIP, you’re covered wherever you go — whether it’s around the block or around the world.

Getting Care Off Campus

When you receive a referral to get care outside the Student Health Center (SHC), your cost for that care will depend on whether or not you receive care from a network provider. Staff at the SHC insurance office can help you find network providers at the UC health center near you or within the Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer PPO network. If you choose to get care from an out-of-network provider, your costs will be considerably higher.

Know Before You Go

Without a referral from the Student Health Center, some care won’t be covered by UC SHIP. When necessary, be sure to get a referral so you’re not stuck with an unexpected bill to pay.

Here’s what you should know about your three options for getting care outside the SHC.

UC Family Network

As a member of UC SHIP, you have access to the UC Family of nationally ranked medical centers — along with their affiliated facilities and professional providers. The UC Family of medical centers, affiliated facilities and professional providers are in-network providers.

Anthem Network

You can ask SHC for assistance finding a provider in the Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer PPO network. You can also use the Sydney Health app or go to Anthem’s online provider listing to search for network providers, clinics and hospitals in your area.


If you take your referral to an out-of-network provider, your costs will be considerably higher.

  • You may be asked to pay up front. To be reimbursed, you will need to submit your claim to Anthem yourself because you aren’t using an Anthem provider.
  • In addition to paying a higher percentage of your bill out of pocket when you see an out-of-network provider, you will also need to pay the difference between the provider’s billed charge and Anthem’s maximum allowed amount. This difference does not count toward the annual limit on your out-of-pocket costs.
  • The annual limit on your out-of-network out-of-pocket costs is two or three times higher than the limit on network out-of-pocket costs. As a reminder, once your costs hit the out-of-pocket limit, UC SHIP steps in to pay 100% of the costs for the remainder of the academic year.

Visiting Another UC Campus

Registered students with UC SHIP coverage can access services offered at student health centers on all UC campuses. For fees and information about filing claims with UC SHIP, check with the SHC on the campus you plan to visit.

Traveling Within the United States

You’ll always pay less for care when you see an Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer PPO network provider. To find an Anthem provider in any state, visit the Anthem website.

Traveling Outside the United States

UC SHIP provides worldwide coverage when you’re traveling or living outside the U.S. When you and your dependents covered under UC SHIP need care, you can use the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core program, which coordinates benefits abroad.

Five Things to Do Before Leaving the U.S.

To be sure you have the information you need at your fingertips, take the following steps:

  1. Call BlueCard Access at (800) 810-BLUE (2583) to learn how you’re covered abroad.
  2. Call your SHC about coverage for any vaccines you may need for your destination and to determine whether you’re eligible for UC travel accident coverage.
  3. Download the Sydney Health app from the App Store or Google Play.
  4. Download the BCBS Global Core app from the App Store or Google Play.
  5. Record important SHC phone numbers and pack your UC ID cards. Consider printing a copy of your Anthem ID card from the Sydney Health app; it contains identification numbers that confirm your Anthem coverage.
Using Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core

As needed, contact your SHC for a referral before receiving non-emergency care.

To find a Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core provider, visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core website. In the box next to the GO button, enter the first three letters or numbers of the Member ID on your card.

Work with Global Core to find an in-network provider. If you have to see an out-of-network doctor, you’ll pay out-of-pocket for your care. You can file a claim for reimbursement from UC SHIP. As a reminder, UC SHIP covers most out-of-network care at 60% of maximum allowable charges; you’re responsible for 40% plus any amount above the allowed charges. Emergency care is covered at 100% of maximum allowable charges.

Traveling on University Business

If you’re traveling on UC business (doing research abroad, for example), you also may be eligible for travel accident coverage at no cost to you. To be covered, you must register before you leave on your UC-sponsored trip.

Both UC SHIP and travel accident insurance cover medical evacuation and transportation related to your medical care.


Student Health Center (SHC)

Your first stop for care on campus
Main number: (949) 824-5301
Medical and psychiatry appointments: (949) 824-5304
Dental clinic appointments: (949) 824-5307
Insurance services: (949) 824-2388
SHC website

501 Student Health, corner of East Peltason and Pereira drives
(Bldg. 5 on the campus map)

Dental Clinic
Across the street from the main SHC, also at the corner of East Peltason and Pereira drives
(Bldg. 6 on the campus map)

Anthem Blue Cross Network

Member Services
(866) 940-8306

BlueCard Access

Nationwide access to providers and facilities
(800) 810-2583

Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core

International medical assistance services and access to providers, hospitals and other health care professionals in nearly 200 countries
(804) 673-1177
Global Core website