Enrolling in Coverage

What You Need to Know

You are automatically enrolled in UC SHIP coverage, unless you are approved to waive coverage. If you’re a non-registered student, you can enroll in UC SHIP only during voluntary enrollment periods that typically begin 30 days before — and end 30 days after — the start of the coverage period. Enrollment outside these periods will not be accepted, unless they’re the result of a qualifying life event.

When You Can Enroll

The UC SHIP periods of coverage align with the year’s academic terms.

Non-registered students can enroll in UC SHIP only during the voluntary enrollment period, which begins 30 days before the start of the coverage period and ends 30 days after the start date of the coverage period.

Example: If the winter coverage period begins January 1, then enrollment for the winter term will start on December 2 and end on January 31.

You cannot enroll outside of the enrollment period, unless you have a qualifying life event.

Enrollment Criteria for a Non-Registered Student

To enroll voluntarily, you must have been covered by UC SHIP in the term immediately preceding the term for which you want to purchase coverage.

Enrolling as a Non-Registered Student

As long as you meet the criteria above, you can enroll in UC SHIP as a non-registered student with filing fee status if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

You take a planned leave of absence. Students who take a planned leave approved by the University can purchase UC SHIP coverage on a voluntary basis for up to two quarters by submitting the appropriate enrollment form. Eligibility is contingent on prior quarter UC SHIP enrollment. Submit an enrollment form.

You are completing work under the support of the University of California but are not attending classes. You can purchase UC SHIP Filing Fee coverage on a voluntary basis for a maximum of one quarter. Submit an enrollment form.

You graduate. Visit Extending Coverage After Graduating.

Celebrating your 26th birthday this year?

If you’re covered on a parent’s medical plan, you’ll no longer qualify for coverage when you turn 26. Learn how to enroll in UC SHIP below.

Enrolling After a Qualifying Life Event

You and/or your eligible dependents can enroll in UC SHIP during the coverage period if you experience one of the following qualifying life events:

  • Involuntary loss of other health insurance coverage
  • Turn 26 and lose coverage as a dependent on a parent’s plan
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Declaration or termination of a domestic partnership

When you have a qualifying life event during the coverage period, you must notify the insurance office on your campus within 31 days of losing your coverage and provide an official written letter of termination from your previous health insurance carrier.

You will be enrolled in UC SHIP as of the date of your involuntary loss of other coverage if you notify the insurance office within 31 days of losing your coverage. If you miss that window, your UC SHIP coverage will be effective on the date you pay the full UC SHIP premium.

To enroll yourself and your eligible dependents in UC SHIP after a qualifying life event, email Academic HealthPlans and provide proof of the qualifying life event.

To begin the enrollment process, complete the Qualifying Event (QE) form with the information needed.

Note: Premiums are not prorated for any enrollment occurring after the start of a coverage period, except premiums for newborns added as a dependent.

Enrolling Eligible Dependents

For continued coverage, you must enroll your eligible dependents each term. You will need the following documentation to enroll them in UC SHIP:

  • For spouse, a marriage certificate
  • For same-sex/opposite-sex domestic partner, a Declaration of Domestic Partnership issued by the State of California or another country or state jurisdiction
  • For natural child, a birth certificate showing you’re the parent of the child
  • For stepchild, a birth certificate, and a marriage certificate showing that one of the parents listed on the birth certificate is married to you
  • For adopted or foster child, documentation from the placement agency showing that you have the legal right to control the child’s health care
  • For child eligible by court order, provide court documents that mandate the child will be covered under the insurance plan of the noncustodial parent

For voluntary and dependent enrollment in UC SHIP, complete the enrollment form.

Canceling UC SHIP Coverage

If you’re already enrolled in a health plan that meets the university health coverage requirements, you can apply to waive enrollment in UC SHIP. For more information about waiving coverage, visit the Waiving Coverage webpage.


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